Short Presentation

Frederic Moreau de Bellaing is a Belgian photographer and cinematographer.
Born in 1971 in Brussels.
Gratuated in Cinematography in 1995 @INSAS
Since 2017, he's volunteering as official photographer for BXLREFUGEES

Let's pretend we're just walking in the city streets at night. Around the corner, on the other side of the street someone is lying on the ground. Defenceless. A guy is standing above him, beating him up hardly. What are we gonna do about it ?
Even though I'd love to imagine I would cross the street and put an end to this shocking scene, I suspect that I wouldn't just do anything about it.
Now, what if ... 
If it wasn't just anybody ?
If the victim was someone I'd met before ?
This would change everything, isn't ? 
For as long as I can remember, in the media, I've always seen civilians running away from wars, kids starving and people dying from epidemics or cataclysm. Yet nothing seems to change. Still the same news. At first we feel for them. Then we just keep on with our lives. How can we change that ? How could I add my little pebble to that change ?
You're not taking photo "from"
Instead, you're taking photo "with"
As someone once said to me.
Indeed, I wish to pass on the feeling I have experienced while taking picture "with". 
And with some naivety, [Is it, really?], I hope that you might be touched by these feelings as if you had been in my shoes, along with them...
For then, we all might become actors of our world


The Waiting Room

  • Kanal Centre Pompidou / Brussels
  • May 2019
  • With Elise Neirinck (illustrations), Boush Musa (painting) & Thomas Baudouin (photography)
  • Photography & curator

Vnous sommes là

  • Solstice du Sablon (Art Gallery, Brussels)
  • April 2018
  • With John Vink
  • Photography

Lueurs d'espoirs (book)

  • May 2016
  • Selected @ Festival Circulation, Paris
  • 160 pages, colors
  • Publisher : Lamiroy

Cyclone à Pondichéry

  • Château du Karreveld (Brussels)
  • May 2012
  • Photography

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